Alcañiz Motorland Circuit

Motorland circuit in Alcañiz is a project created and protected by the prestige of the city of Alcañiz during the time of year that it is celebrated and is internationally known as a urban circuit.

This was the embryo fed by the long tradition of the city to build a city dedicated to the motor with worldwide dedication to motor sport, technology, entertainment and culture.

To get the project started the Motor City known as Motorland Aragon, a large team of international and national professionals with renowned prestige and experience, the project was building the automotive tradition of the region and its central location to attract large teams of the different disciplines of motorsport as well as automobile companies and of course the general public.

Motorland is the consolidation of a dream fueled by the automotive tradition of the area and by the enthusiasm and popular support it has finished consolidating a project of international fame.

Since Joaquin Ripollès promoted the first race held in Alcaniz several decades ago, the city has been carving out a place at the top of the organization of motor sports events and a reference landmark in the world of sport tests on urban tracks.

The first prize was disputed in the town of Alcaniz in September 1965, the starting point of a trail of evidence with it becoming becoming a classic.

In 1992 the increase in regulations relating to safety measures resulting from higher performances in sports cars, limited much urban tracks, it was then at the end of the 90’s came the idea to build a circuit with a complex dedicated to motor sports, where you can keep this tradition so ingrained that aside from promoting motorsport and enhance a pool of pilots in the area of Aragon and respected figures in the various disciplines.

This led to the celebration of festivals and fairs in the world framed as Autoclassic engine, classic car show that has become a benchmark in the industry.

Built on an area of 3,500,000 m² 5 km from Alcañiz the site is located near large cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Bilbao, Pau, Toulouse which are at a distance of 300 km or less. The project was carried out with the experience and knowledge of respected figures in the automotive world for its development had a team of highly experienced consultants, among them is the Formula 1 driver, Pedro de la Rosa who joined the technical advisors and team sports, famous designer Hermann Tilke, circuit and civil engineering projects in many of them, who designed the circuit, in addition to the Sepang Sachenring, Valencia Street Circuit, Circuit Buhdd in India, Austin Texas circuit and Sochi in Russia.

In addition to the designs of the area of leisure and culture made by the British study of architecture Foster & Partners. Apart from numerous national tests in all categories of motor are made in the circuit, on the same tests are held two world renowned-World

Series by Renault Testing and test

-World Motorcycling Championship

Motorland Alcañiz circuit is 50 km from Horta de Sant Joan joined by good road which makes our hotel Les Capçades a perfect retreat from the bustle of the circuit especially for drivers and equipment, where you will find the peace to relax and be able to concentrate on activities to develop in the circuit. Clearly, in any aspect of life undertaking work with the body and the spirit rested, represents an important incentive for success.

If you are going to Motorland circuit of Alcañiz, stop to rest in our facilities and enjoy our cuisine.

This is prize that you will surely deserve.