The "crestó" is the local idiom that defines a castrated goat corresponding to the white goat species. In our region during the 1950's there were 30 herds of white goats, making up a total of 5000 animals, but they gradually began to disappear, and at the end of the 1960s, only a few examples remained.

Aware of the situation and with the iron will to preserve as much as possible the traditions and the heritage of the land that presides over the personality of Salvador Miralles, owner of the Hotel Miralles Recalling his childhood which had made him a shepard that kept alive the memory of the "crestons" this knowledge drove him to carry out an initiative of which he still receives satisfaction not only professional but also personal.

In 1995 he acquired 125 white goats, which later became 450 animals of which 200 were "crestons". The process was expensive, it took two and a half years to be able to serve the "crestó" at the restaurant.

The difficult semi-wild grazing, careful daily control and above all the purity of the waters that can be enjoyed in the Ports of Horta and plant food makes this the perfect habitat for breeding and obtaining one of the most delicious meats and above all, natural.

Cooked with patience and austerity as it existed in the 13th century, marinated and baked, the result of this is the  star dish, El Cresto white goat marinated brings benefits in different aspects. The first and main is dietary and gastronomic, producing a very exquisite meat, a consistent meat without fat, the second being ecological is it helps to maintain the forest and this prevents forest fires and the last but the most harmonious and at the same time subjective for those who can enjoy, is the special music performed by their bells. All these reasons motivate us to strive to bring this initiative to fruition, without forgetting to eat a plate of marinated Crestó, at Miralles restaurant or Hotel Les Capcades, is an undeniable pleasure.