Los Puertos de Beceite is an impressive limestone massif with a total area of 800 km. ² the area of Horta de Sant Joan is encloses 4443 ha of the total park, the vegetation is varied and enclave geographical location means that northern African species can be found.

The wide variety of natural wealth that it possesses has made it possible to be declared a zone of Natural Interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The tracks of roads and trails that take the traveller is not only to see breathtaking scenery thanks to the perfect harmony between water, sky, foliage and animal life, but also to see the infinite possibilities that are able to develop their adventurous spirit.

Caves and chasms, climbing, long-distance routes, bungee jumping, trekking, canyoning, mountain bike, hand gliding, speleology etc. itineraries on foot, horseback, 4 × 4 or bicycle may be suitable for the whole family. Around 33% of the ports is a national game reserve and currently has about 1500 Hispanic goats, their vivacity and beauty make its contemplation is more than the appearance of a living being of considerable size, to see them scale at lightning speed for the same cliffs where climbers spend hours, is one of the most fascinating spectacles that nature can provide.

Hunters can be found in the controlled hunting area, magnificent specimens of boar, partridge, rabbit, hare, fox, thrushes, pigeons or wood pigeons.

In recent times, there are on photo safaris, lovers of total freedom on the trail paved through the main ports to find a spot in nature near the recreational area of La Franqueta.


This area is without doubt the epitome of nature in the Ports.

It's so amazing eclosion of chasms, vegetation, gorges, rapids and shimmering white water, they end up in quiet pools one minute green, and the next blue and the river Canaletes always transparent.


Combination of man's ingenuity and the quirk of nature appears before our eyes an example of the Satorres hydraulic mill, the farmhouse Satorres, with its garden at the top, in the horseshoe-shaped depression below and behind the water fall, we can find a balma where once the cattle were kept and at the feet a well of considerable proportions.


The true symbol of Horta whose profile has become a natural logo of the village, colourful rocks and lofty and strong and preside over the first image we get from our village and the boundaries of the park you can see, in each and every direction. Impressive dolomite rocks at a height of 925 m above sea level, well known by climbers and names like Llastra, Pure and Punta Escofet have a maximum route of 375 m climbing. Easily accessible from the forest road you can take a jeep to the base. You can make all these trips to the recreation area within 10 km ofThe Franqueta with any type of car. The duration and difficulty of itineraries on foot, bicycle, or 4 × 4 may be suitable for all ages, but surely the route with the noble old road would be more perfect with a the horse, we can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience, living and feeling in a more harmonious and peaceful nature of the infinite details that nature gives us the in its path, the goal to be achieved maybe long and varied, ranging from a picnic, to explore the Cunill cave, take a swim or admire the wild goats with a telephoto lens.

This does not involve any special difficulty, however, you should keep in mind to always wear the right clothes at the time of year that you are visiting, and as light as possible, a hat and a waterproof jacket that can fit in a pocket. As for instruments, a compass or altimeter watch can notify you of a sudden weather change, don’t trust the clouds that can cause sudden heavy showers depending on the season and we must be wary of fog, a knife a full water bottle and a piece of string, and the tradition of many shepherds who say that garlic rubbed on the boots, keep the scorpions away.

The type of footwear is most important, the boots have to be light and water resistant that can get a good grip of the ground, and the most important element is a map of the Ports. In certain stores you can find two different ones. One published by the Army Geographical Service and one from the Unió de Catalunya.

Following the recommendations, especially for those who weave through the tracks using a road, it is worth remembering that they are in a world without traffic lights or hurries or even traffic signals. We think that forest roads are not made to race but to get to your destination and that in any corner we can find someone on horseback, another vehicle or a herds of goats. We must always travel with a full tank of fuel, park the car out of the way, no matter how bleak it may seem and be very careful with the backfiring of exhaust pipes. In addition to lighting fires with extreme care and with cigarette ends, unfortunately the ports have a tragic history, with forest fires resulting in fatalities.

Ports of Beceite are certainly a place to discover, lost (figuratively) by its corners and trails, enjoy unique landscapes. A place to enjoy the five senses, an unforgettable experience.